1st April 2013 | Alps Tour Golf

This week: Alps de Las Castillas at Layos Golf


Back on the road this week for the third event of the season. As last year, Spain will organise four tournaments. With the support of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, the Federations of Castilla La Mancha and Castilla Leon, Layos Golf welcomes the Alps de Las Castillas.

The prestigious golf course is now well known by pros as in 2007 they hostes the Challenge de España and the Finals of the Madrid Pro Tour.
The 54-holes tournament will start next Thursday. 132 players from eleven nationalities will compete for a prize money of 48,000 euro. After the first two rounds, the best 40 players and ties will dispute the final round on Saturday.
A lot of great names attend this event: Andrew Cooley, the “King” of Egypt tournaments, Spain’s Santiago Luna, Alvaro Velasco, Carlos Aguilar, amateur Javier Ballesteros… past Alps Tour No.1 Andrea Maestroni (Italy)… rookies as Michael Stewart (Scotland), Edouard Espana (France)… We should have a nice show!

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