16th October 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Third win to catch for Delpodio


Italian Matteo Delpodio takes the lead at Masters13 in France after trilling day. Mother Nature wasn’t in a good mood again today and players had to put up with strong winds and treacherous gusts all day. Italian player admitted he was very happy with 69 card he signed for. He is one of the 5 players who scored under par today.

“It is a tough week, a tough day and a tough golf course. You must be 100 % focus on every shot. It is exhausting. There is no hole where you can have a break. My caddy Andrea really helped me to stay patient and calm. For example, many times on greens, we decided to put to die to the hole. The deal was to take 2 putts and leave. Some times, it goes in. And I had 3 putts twice but I knew I had to accept this. It was very difficult to adapt the pace with the wind. The key for tomorrow is patience again and again. Despite our scores, Jason and I won’t play like in match play. It would be to dangerous to attack in those weather conditions. I will play same as today, shot after shot.”

Jason Barnes, yesterday’s leader, was leading over Delpodio until the 8th hole. They swung their place after Englishman dropped one shot on par 5 9th and Italian holed for birdy. Then, Barnes never came back. He was still very closed but dropped a precious stroke on last hole.

“I played well all day, my only regret is I lost concentration on the 18th and give Matteo one stroke advantage as a gift… ”

Barnes won two weeks ago in Acaya and he played last round with Matteo Delpodio in the last group. The story is about to be played again…

At third place tie, 6 strokes back of the lead, Raphael Eyraud, winner a few weeks ago in Paris and the local hero, amateur Thomas Grava. The crowd behind the ropes supported him and cheer him on loudly. Amateurs are doing well this week and they are two more in top 10, Jean-Pierre Verselin 6th tie and Frédéric Abadie 9th tie.

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