16th December 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Gallegos won the Q School

Spain’s Javier Gallegos won the Final Stage of Q School in La Cala. He shot 68 thanks to great finish with 2 birdies on last two holes for -10 total. France’s Victor Perez took second position one shot back.

Perfect weather to complete the final round on Asia course in La Cala. The head green keeper, Rafael Linares Garcia, ranked in top 3 in Spain, is very happy with the shape of his courses and players confirm his feeling. His 18 man team did a very nice job to be ready for the Alps Tour Q School.

“They were even better 3 weeks back but the weather has been so hot for this time of the year. We have worked a lot this year. We changed the irrigation system on Europa course. We improved the quality of the water used on all courses. We ventilated the greens every 2 weeks.”

“We have ambitious works planned for next year as well, to change the irrigation of the Asia Course which is now 25 year old and we will rebuild 2 greens, the second and the 10th to optimize pins positions.”

Javier Gallegos made the greens home during the final round. He holed two eagles and four birdies to win by one single shot.

“My game plan was to be aggressive. I wanted to do as many birdies as possible so I went for the pins on each hole. Sometimes I missed and dropped shots, but all in all my goal is achieved, I wanted to win.”

He had a little help from France’s Victor Perez who dropped a shot on the very last hole. Overnight leader, Alexandre Daydou, 19, battled with fever and sinusitis all day and felt eased entering the scoring area. He is one of the 3 men on the podium alongside Nicolas Tacher and Santiago Tarrio.

“That was the never ending day. I am so happy it is done now. I am so tired.”

His team mate from France National Team, Léonard Bem, who just made the cut, signed for the best score of the day tie with Tacher, 66 and recorded a 7th position.

“I was way more relax on course. I managed to enjoy the game and my putting was efficient. My long game was better as well so all of these made the difference at the end.”

The cut for full category felt at +3 for 38 players, including 9 amateurs.

From La Cala
Agathe Séron

8th May 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Perrier and Gallegos neck and neck

Damien Perrier from France (picture) and Spain's Javier Gallegos shot best score 65, -6, in Maria Lankowitz GC in Austria to lead by one stroke the Gösser Open.

Damien Perrier from France (c) Tristan Jones

Damien Perrier from France and Javier Gallegos shot best score 66, -6, in Maria Lankowitz GC in Austria to lead by one stroke the Gösser Open.

Perrier, 25 years old, used not to be an Austrian fan. During the first seasons of his career he had said that Austria did not like him as he always played very badly there. It seemed that the Frenchman managed to break the curse. He holed seven birdies and one eagle which really look like a beginning of a love story with Austria.

Spain’s Javier Gallegos, 22 years old, played this Friday, his first round on Alps Tour schedule. He recorded seven birdies and only one dropped shot on the 4th to join Perrier on top. Multiple Alps Tour winner, England’s Andrew Cooley and Italy’s Aron Zemmer are one shot back. Austria’s Leo Astl signed for -4 and is 5th tie with a group of 5 other players.

Former Gösser Open champions are in position to challenge the top of the leaderboard. Austria’s Martin Wiegele shot 68, Spain’s Juan Antonio Bragulat and Ireland’s Brendan McCarrol scored 70.

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