7th November 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Fabien Marty from A to Z, Di Nitto qualified as well

France’s Fabien Marty took the lead in El Saler golf golf from day 1 and never left it. The 33 year old player, native from Bordeaux, kept nerves of steal to score 64, 72, 70 and 68 to win European Tour Q School stage 2.
Fabien Marty was among the 6 among who got exemption thanks to his Alps Tour raking end of August.
Italy’s Enrico Di Nitto, 24 year old next month, finished 4th tie on Panoramica golf course to earn his ticket to play next week.
The Q school final offers several stakes.
For Fabien Marty : if he makes the cut after 4 rounds, he will get a full category to play Challenge Tour. If he finished among Top 25 and ties, he will play on European Tour next year.
About the same for Di Nitto except that he already gets a card to play on Challenge Tour thanks to his final Alps Tour ranking.
Franck Daux’ hope leans on Di Nitto’ shoulders. If the latter makes the cut, Daux will play on Challenge Tour in 2017.

6th November 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Marty holds firm on top in El Saler

France’s Fabien Marty is still leading Stage 2 at El Saler golf tie with two other players. There is one day to go to confirm who will play the final Stage of European Tour Q School.

Thanks to his Alps Tour ranking end of August, Marty avoided the Stage 1 of European Tour Q School. His golf is in very good shape and it’s been three days he is holding firm on top of the leaderboard.

Among Alps Tour players, Enrico Di Nitto and Tom Shadbolt, both playing in Panoramica Golf course, are respectively 10th and 15th, so on the right side of the line.

Good day for Raphaël Marguery in Lumine, He shot -4 for a 34th place tie. He have to be in top 20 to have a chance.

Alps Tour winner, England’s Matt Wallace did not manage to improve his score today. He is 66th.

4th November 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Marty to lead after day 1 in European Tour Q School

Fabien Marty leads Stage 2 of European Tour Qualifying School at Golf El Saler with opening -8.

Season is not over for many Alps Tour members. This week is the opportunity to change the profile of their 2017 season. Top 6 of Alps Tour ranking end of August got an exemption to play directly Stage 2, others succeeded in Stage 1 to be in the field.

Below some result of some of our members.

Matt Wallace, winner of the ranking, shot -4 to be at 8th position in Lumine Golf. At the same venue Victor Perez is 64th with +2 and Raphaël Marguery is 72th with +3.

At El Saler, Federico Maccario is 69th with +3.

At Las Colinas, Alps Tour winners Franck Daux shot -2 for 24th place and Thomas Elissalde played +5.

On the last venue, Panoramica Golf, Tom Shadbolt signed for a -5 card and a 10th place, Enrico Di Nitto shot -3, 26th and Stefano Pitoni scored +1, 61st.

28th August 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Top 6 confirmed to avoid Stage 1

One of the opportunities given to Alps tour members is to get an exemption to play directly European Tour Q school stage 2. They avoid the tought battle of stage 1 with hundreds of players fighting for a precious qualification.

The Castello di Tolcinasco Open las t week was the last event to count for the top 6 and despite a very interesting finish with France’s Thomas Elissalde to eventually win thanks to 6 under par card, the top 6 remains the same.

Matt Wallace, untouchable leader since he secured a fifth win back to back. Then France’s Victor Perez and Franck Daux, Italy’s Enrico Di Nitto, Stefano Pitoni and another Frenchman, Fabien Marty.

23rd August 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Top 6 to be exempted of European Tour Q School stage 1

Summer break is over for Alps Tour members. This week, the host of the Alps Tour event is the great Golf and Country Club Castello di Tolscinasco. Several Italian Open took place there in Pieve Emmanuele.

The tournament is the last one to count for top 6 (six) of the Alps Tour ranking to get an exemption of Stage 1 of European Tour Q School. This first Stage is a real battle and to avoid the first third of the marathon is priceless.

Alps Tour leader, Matt Wallace won’t loose his position. The current top 4 seems to be safe : Victor Perez, Franck Daux and Enrico Di Nitto. But a pack of seven players are without 4000 points and a win in Italy is 5800. Among the players to be able to grab the previous exemption, three Italians, Stefano Pitoni, 5th, Federico Maccario, 10th and Aron Zemmer 11th.

The course is one of the most beautiful of the season players said and the weather is expected sunny and very hot.

14th July 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Last Chance for Q School exemption

europeantour flagServizitalia Open 2015 is the last tournament to get an exemption to play directly the European Tour Q School Stage 2 for the Top 6 – six. All tournaments matter in the ranking but this week in Italy, near Venice, is something special for Alps Tour members.

The Top 6 of the Alps Tour Order of Merit will earn a precious season pass for the Stage 2 of the European Tour Q School. Currently, the lucky ones are Harry Casey, Damien Perrier, Josh Loughrey, Léo Lespinasse, Matthieu Pavon and Andrea Meastroni.

The latter won the order of merit in 2004 and managed to enter the top 30 in the Q School final to play an full season on European Tour. None of the other players ever played on main Tour but the statistics are in favour of those who avoid the stage 1. All the Alps Tour members who managed to obtain their card the past three years, did not have to play stage 1.

Hot weather is expected in Venice area this week and the famous ranking is to be announced after last round on Friday afternoon.

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