1st November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Stainless Joamikides to lead Masters 13 Allianz


France’s Nicolas Joakimides, 39 year old (right on the pict.), did confirm his good form by taking lead of Masters 13. He scored very solid 68 on slippery greens, fast as ice. Challenge Tour player, Adrien Bernadet is second by his own and a group of 3 players is -2 to complete podium: Spain’s Gerard Piris Mateu, Portugal’s Jose Felipe Lima and famous French musketeer, Victor Dubuisson.
Dubuisson is for sure the most popular alongside the fairways. Dozens of fans followed him all day and young player from Cannes enjoyed this friendly support. “I am happy to play here, many people know me since I was a kid. It is very nice to see them supporting me. Even if it is not my circuit I want to play well. Each time I take a tournament start, my goal is to win, so…”
The conditions were ideal today compare to the overnight heavy rain. The course was in very good shape, the weather was sunny with fare temperatures. It could have been one of those days when the course doesn’t resist to solid swings. But the speed of the greens was the asset of the Ballesteros course : 3,95 meters or 12 feet… Benoit Teilleria, used to joke, said to one of the referee : “It’s not Masters 13, it’s Master Augusta!”.
The leader is known, among other skills, for amazing putting and it is common to hear on practice green “Nicolas, please teach me how you putt…”. Joakimides has been improving a lot his game he said and after great win last month at Open International de Normandie, he confirmed playing better and better. “I have been playing really good since my win in Normandy. For example, I played the Makila Pro-Am and I won with -17 (3 rounds). I liked very much the greens today. The more difficult they are, the more I feel confident. I think my main skill on putting green is to feel, to know exactly the speed my ball needs to take the slope I want. I did not play that much this year but I will play on Alps Tour next year.”

In Mallemort, Provence.
Agathe Séron
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