11th September 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Romain Schneider king of Normandy


France’s Romain Schneider won for his maiden trophy after posting a final 67 for -16 total. England’s Ricki Neil-Jones and Farren Keenan are second tie 3 shots behind. After Open International de Normandie, the top 5 of the ranking is the same but the move came from behind. Schneider is 6th, Jason Kelly 7th ann Xavier Poncelet 8th. IMAGES GALLERY

The weather was not so good today, showers and wind. Many leaders names danced on the top of the board until final 6 holes. Scotland’s Scott Henry has been leading at -14 for a while then France’s Romain Schneider came close. Fellow Xavier Poncelet holed birdies and did not want to be forgotten… The score of the day was signed by Guillaume Cambis. He fired 63, 8 under par and only won his bet made with partners.

Romain Schneider’s target was a bit more important to him. Young Parisian had 3 strokes advantage with 5 holes to play and he managed to stay calm to win by 2 and celebrated his maiden victory on 18th green with champagne.

“Obviously the first win has a specific flavour. I did not expect this morning I decided to play my game. I needed to stay focus on putting green and not to think to much about the result but it is quite tough not to have a look on the leader board. What helped me a lot is the birdy on the 12th and much more the eagle on the 13th. It has been the same every day this week, a very good moment to feel confident. This win changes the look of the season and I hope it will help to play well the last 4 tournaments to be in the final top 5.”

From Saint-Saens
Agathe Séron

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