2nd July 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Matt Wallace won fifth trophy in Open Frassanelle

England’s Matt Wallace won his fifth tournament in five events he attended. He shot final round 65 to win by 4 shots -17 total. France’s Victor Perez finished second on his own and David Morago of Spain third one shot further.

When you arrived in Italy, what was your plan ?

Plan was to prepare as well as possible. I arrived on Wednesday around lunch time so couldn’t play the course but I knew it and I asked a few people if anything had changed for last year. I few new tee boxes but that was all that was new. I played well last week at cinque ports for open quali so I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Could explain the improvement of your golf and mental during the past 3 months..?

I’ve learned mentally how to deal with grinding out scores when not playing well. I didn’t play great on the second day for the first 10 holes but was still -2 and finished strong for -6. Also how to deal with being in the lead. I sleep a lot better and play better in this position from the past few years.

How does your experience on European Tour helped you this week?

Playing in Sweden and Austria helps to know what level I need to be at to compete. I’m working towards it and looking forward to the next chance I get. I’m using my experience of those events as motivation because it was so much fun.

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