3rd March 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Marguery and De Stefani with narrow advantage

De Stefani-EGY14_0730

Corrado De Stefani (c) Agathe Séron

France’s Raphaël Marguery and Italy’s Corrado De Stefani share Dreamland Pyramids Open going into the final round. With a total of -6, they have a narrow advantage over Julien Foret and big hitter England’s Andrew Cooley.

Marguery played in the morning session in perfect conditions compare to the first round when he had to deal with the wind.

“ At the beginning of the round, my long game was not accurate but I putted really well. I hit my driver a little bit on the left or the right then my second shots were about the same but right away, good result on the greens. I holed 9 meters to start, then I did well on the following par 5. I mad a silly bogey on the 18th, my tenth of the day. I three putted it. But I holed about 10 meters on the first to come back.”

“Two weeks ago, I tried to understand what was wrong, but it did not bring some results so today, I decided not to analyse and to play with what I have. Today, the course was a bit simpler without the wind and I had good feelings on the four last holes so it is nice.”

De Stefani, who turned 22 last Sunday, had a very face when he was asked about his feelings. The young man is playing his second year on the Alps Tour and his best result so far is a 17th place.

“It has been obviously a nice day. This course suit me very well as I am playing very well from the tee and if you can hit some fairways here, lot of the work is done. And in addition my irons were ok and my putting very good so that is how it worked out.

I am looking forward for tomorrow. It is the first time for me to be in this side of the leaderboard and hopefully it will be a good experience.”

From Cairo
Agathe Séron

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