3rd November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Joakimides 2 clear, Dubuisson and Bernadet in contention


France’s Nicolas Joakimides confirmed his leadership after third round at Masters 13 Allianz. He signed for 70, 2 under par and none of his opponents succeeded in chasing him. His compatriot and playing partner Adrien Bernadet only scored par to stay -5 total. Spectators darling, Victor Dubuisson shares second place after 67 5-under-par-card.

The weather was more as it should in November even in south of France. Clouds and wind danced in the sky to disturb the players. No matter what mother nature tried, it did not bother Julien Gressier who fired astonishing 63.
“I hit my wedge very close on my first hole, the 10th. I holed for birdie then on 13th I holed a long one and I made birdie on the 14th. I started to think positive. On 17th I holed a birdie without expecting it at all. I kept on thinking -2 putts, 2 putts, safe- so my ball died in the hole and I putted this way until the end. I had already scored seven under par but 63, 9 under, it is the first time.”

Victor Dubuisson had a better day than yesterday but his good 67, 5 under par barely made him smile. The crowd blue-eyed boy is sad and being in contention for winning is not some consolation.
“I am not in the mood to play. Yesterday, I did not feel good and even today, I played OK, I hit all pars 5 in two but honestly I am still thinking about what I missed when I had to withdraw at PGA Q School…”
Dubuisson hurt himself during second round while playing a bunker shot and had to stop. The most talented French young gun had dreamt his life in America next year and has to reconsider or at least to postpone his goal.

Besides, Nicolas Joakimides is heading in the right direction. Calm and focus, fans were impressed by his way to deal with pressure.
“I am happy about my game today. I started pretty well holing some birdies. I was more relax than yesterday. The pressure is something you have to deal with during 4 days, especially when you are leading since the beginning. The most important is to stay focus and lucid. Everything can happen in golf, even if your are leading by 5 as I were in Normandy, a bad choice or shot can upset the leaderboard quite quick. And this is golf after all not war…”

From Mallemort
Agathe Séron

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