17th July 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Javier Ballesteros is back to compete at Madrid


Javier Ballesteros is back to competition among professionals at Peugeot Tour Alps de Madrid, at the CCVM golf course. Last venue where Seve won… “I’ve recently seen the images and they are impressive”. He will play again a professional tournament this week at the Peugeot Tour Alps de Madrid, at an emblematic golf course, scenario of Seve’s last victory at the 1995 Peugeot Open de España at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.
Even though it could seem like it is deliberated, playing his first event with pro’s at the same place his father did (Sant Cugat) and next where he last won (CCVMadrid), are casualities that young Ballesteros did not think about when he asked for invitations to play.
“When I first called Javier Gervas to ask for an invitation I did not know that my dad had played his first professional tournament at Sant Cugat; of course I know where he won his first tournament, and all of the rest, but did not realize about that first one. So it was double excitement to start there and do the way I did; I liked it because I played with no pressure and enjoyed it a lot.
When I finished there I told Javier how great experience it was for me and asked if I could have another invitation after finishing exams, because Law School is my priority. And the coincidence is that next event after exams is here at Club de Campo.
I have recently seen all the images, at my Dad’s death anniversary, and I was especially impressed with the images of his victory at the Peugeot Spanish Open at Club de Campo, also sponsored by Peugeot. I do not remember if I was there, I was thrilled with those images, all that people cheering for my Dad’s victory, it was amazing. Such a beautiful victory.
Pressure? Not at all! I still have the same feelings, if some day I am someone important in golf, I will have to prove many things to the people; right now I just have to prove myself if I want to be a professional golfer in the future, or not. No change of plans, first of all is University, I just finished my 3rd year of Law School and I got really good grades, and when I finish in two years time, we will see. My target for the week is enjoy and most important, learn. After playing the Peugeot Alps de Barcelona I come with more confidence with my game but still I have not set any goals. Today I played 18 holes for the first time at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. I played 9 holes with friends before but today was my first practice round of 18 holes with pros. I liked it a lot. It is a long course and very difficult but I am hitting the ball very well and I hope I can do a nice tournament”.
Javier Ballesteros is one of the 6 amateurs that will be playing the Peugeot Tour Alps de Madrid, among with Ignacio González, Santiago Vega, Manuel Álvarez, Marcos Pastor and Jacobo Pastor, 2º at the Biarritz Cup last week. Tomorrow the Peugeot Tour Alps de Madrid will start with a Pro-Am, with 52 teams of one pro and 3 amateurs, and Javier Ballesteros will play with pro Borja Etchart. And then next Thursday the 138 players will start the competition until Saturday july the 21st.
More information: www.matchgolf.es/peugeotour or www.peugeotour.com

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