26th June 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Hubert Tisserand wins on home soil

Amateur Hubert Tisserand from Lyon, France, won the Open International de la Mirabelle d’Or five shots clear of fellow countryman Fabien Marty.

It was almost a one way battle during last round. Fabien Marty managed to come tie with Tisserand after birdying third hole but Tisserand made a birdie on the 4th par 5 and Marty dropped two shots back to back on 4th and 5th. He never caught up with the 22 year old amateur.

Tisserand played solid but birdies did not fall on the front nine, he turned -10 total. He had a quick look to the leaderboard to check if he was leading and then stuck to his game plan, -make birdies and avoid mistakes-.

« I knew I had to make a lot of birdies today because it’s getting harder if you’re beginning bad. My goal was to be aggressive to achieve my plan. When I hit my tee shot on number 10, I just looked at the leaderboard very quickly to see if I was first or not. I was so I told myself that I needed to keep this lead. I had to continue to make birdies and that is why I try to hit the green on the 11th. But it was not that easy because it was pretty windy on some holes. I knew that playing my game would be the best solution to win. »

You have a 5 shot lead and you hit pretty well so there is no reason not to hit driver on the 18th.

Tisserand as an amateur won’t get any euros, his check will go to the first pro, Fabien Marty but he will get the points for the ranking and will have the opportunity to play when he wants a Alps Tour winner.

A group of four players are ties for third place, Scott Danny Young, Italy’s Aaron Zemmer, France’s Nicolas Tacher and Spain’s Daniel Berna.

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