5th September 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Etchart kept his title

Etchart Andalucia webDefending champion, Borja Etchart kept his crown in Alps de Andalucia. With -10 total after 70 final round, he won by 2 shots over fellow countryman Toni Ferrer.

On the third step of the podium, Nederland’s Darius Van Driel and England’s Josh Loughrey who celebrates his 25th birthday this Saturday.

The two Spaniards teed off ties at -8 this morning. The third lad of the group, France’s Léo Lespinasse was never able to worry them due to a lack of putting. The match was then 100 % Spanish. The first nine was clearly in Ferrer’s side. He took the lead since the first hole as his opponent dropped one shot. The two players were “square” during 3 holes from 4th to 6th and Ferrer dug his advantage on 8th and 9th with two birdies. He was -10 and Etchart was -7. The story seemed to be written.

But the race was the opposite side on the back nine. Etchart holed four birdies in five from the 11th and crucified Ferrer’s confidence. The 24 year old player dropped shots of the last two holes to offer the trophy to Etchart.

Matt Pavon is still leading the Alps Tour ranking with 20262 points. No less than 9 others players are within 5000 points so a win could easily change the top 5 until the end of the season.

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