14th June 2013 | Alps Tour Golf

Espana takes off in Spain

France's Edouard Espana defeated his two spanish opponents after first extra hole to win his maiden trophy as pro.

France’s Edouard Espana (c) C.L.

Edouard Espana made a joke to his playing partners from Spain. Family name sounds like local but the rookie is French and he wins his maiden title after holing putt during first extra hole. Juan Parron and Alfredo Garcia-Heredia failed to stop the Bordeaux native.

All week, Spain’s players were leading the 2013 Peugeot Open in Madrid, Borda first then Parron and Blazquez but at the end it sounds like spanish but the national flag is red-white-blue.

France’s Edouard Espana made a huge jump signing for a 66 five-under-par card to lead at the club house with -4 total. The two ovenight leaders struggled to holed birdies and the wind started to blow stronger in the afternoon. Espana just had to wait and his score was finally enough to challenge his opponent on extra time.

« Honestly, I did not think my 66 was enough to go into a play off so to me it was a bonus and I was very relaxed, more than Alfredo and Juan tough. I just though about what I had to do. I hit my driver in the middle of the fairway then my sand wegde 3 meters left next to the flag and I holed. I am so happy with this win. »

He had a poor start with a 75 on first round but improve his game to confirm his actual good form. He had finished 7th ties on Challenge Tour beginning of May in Italy.

« I was not very focused during the first round. I made some mistakes and I dropped shots on the very first part of the round. Then I managed to come back in the game and I finished better. Then I made two good rounds. »

« I don’t have any regrets not to be on Challenge Tour so far even if I made a Top 10 last month. Alps Tour is a great circuit with valuable players and I am a young player learning his job. Once again, I am very happy. »

With this win, Espana enters the Alps Tour ranking Top 5.

Agathe Séron
Golfmanager Press Agency





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