11th March 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Delpodio leader at the club house in Spain


The first round of Peugeot Tour Golf Escopion has been suspended due to the darkness. About 30 players were still on course and play will resume tomorrow morning at 8:00.

The leader at the club house teed off this morning. Italian Matteo Delpodio signed for a perfect 66, -5. He turned first nine with 9 pars and stayed patient. The 24 year old native from Torino seemed much more untroubled than last season :

“Last year, I was not relax when I was on a tournament. I made a mistake by playing on each circuit if I could enter the field. I was jumping from Challenge Tour to Alps Tour and I even played my National Open on the main Tour. It was not a good choice because each week was very important for my ranking and I missed some casual attitude. This year I feel really better. I have learned from my mistake, I am a professional in my work, I play well, I have a good team around me so I know that if the win doesn’t come this week I can do it another week. Today, I was patient and knew that I would obviously holed some putts. I was very closed to holes on front nine then I holed 5 birdies on back nine. The work I made with the Italian federation is paying back. Massimo Scarpa is running a group of 20 players and he really helps us. He is a excellent coach, knows exactly what to say to make us play our best golf.”

Same kind of words in Andrea Perrino mouth. Perrino won the Alps Tour order of merit last year and came to Spain to practice. He scored 67, -4 and shared second provisional place with Challenge Tour French player Christophe Brazillier.

“Obviously, I have less pressure since I am not playing on my circuit but it is a good thing to practice here. The course is in a really good shape and the greens are firm. Last year, I did not start the season very well but I played consistent since July. I want to be ready earlier this year.”

The weather conditions were tougher for afternoon players, the wind started to blow and it was colder. Th first Spanish player Jordi Garcia del Moral was in morning group as well and scored 68, -3 for a 4th position.

At Valencia
Agathe Séron

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