31st October 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Celebration at Masters 13 Allianz


Masters 13 Allianz is about to celebrate the best way his 10th edition. The field is the best ever and great names such as Victor Dubuisson, Michael Lorenzo-Vera, Christian Cévaër or Jean-François Remésy, 2004-2005 Open de France winner, are going to tee off this very special event.
Jean-Charles Cambon (right on centre picture), former playing pro, created Masters 13 Allianz ten years ago and managed to improve his tournament year after year. In 2012, the breakdown is 100 000 euros and 6 of the past 7 winners came to play the anniversary.
On paper, the 2012 best player in the field is France’s Victor Dubuisson. Currently 46th at the race to Dubai, the 22 year old player is nearly playing at home. He started golf in the neighbourhood at Biot. He played the Masters13 Allianz in 2005 after getting qualifying through Masters.
For Alps Tour players, this is the week to be in swing. A check of 15 000 euros and same amount of points for the ranking are guaranteed to the winner. The final top 5 could be totally mess on Sunday afternoon.

By Agathe Séron

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