17th March 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

A little more about… Matteo Delpodio


Twice a month, Alps Tour website will focus on best players of the 2010 season. The same interview is going to be published to let you know “A little more about…”.

Italian Matteo Delpodio, 24 year old, is our first choice to start these series.


What is your favorite golf course ?
St Andrews, the Old Course.

What dream of golf would you like to live ?
I would like to play the Ryder Cup. When I was young, I had the chance to play in the Junior Ryder Cup Team. That experience changed my life, and made me understand what would be my job…

You are playing the Ryder Cup, with who would you like to play foursome ?
I would play… why not, with an Italian player! Francesco and Edoardo (Molinari) are doing great on Tour and I like to dream an Italian team into the Ryder Cup!

Your are playing the Ryder Cup, which American player would you like to play ?
I would like to play with Phil Mickelson, I love his game.

If you could change one rule of golf, which one ?
I would add a rule that let you drop the ball when it’s in fairway into a divot.

If you could mix golf of 3 players (long game, short game and putting or mental), what virtual player would it be ?
Long Game: Martin Kaymer
Short Game: Tiger Woods
Putting: Rhys Davies


If you were an animal ?
A beautiful Siberian wolf

If you were a book or a movie ?
(laugh) My friends would say.. Terminator movie !

Public character (not in sport) that you admire ?
Dalai Lama

3 favorite artists ?
George Clooney, Michelle Hunziker, Fiorello

If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, real or fictive :
Leonardo da Vinci, Kate Moss, Topolino 😉 (Mickey Mouse)…

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