20th August 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

A little more about… Alan Bihan


Golf :

What is your favorite golf course ?
La Dehesa Golf Course (Santiago du Chili)

What dream of golf would you like to live ?
Win the Masters

You are playing the Ryder Cup (or President Cup), with who would you like to play foursome ?
Martin Kaymer

Your are playing the Ryder Cup (or President Cup), which American player would you like to play ?
Phil Mickelson

If you could change one rule of golf, which one ?
No Out of Bounds on courses

If you could mix golf of 3 players (long game, short game and putting or mental), what virtual player would it be ?

Short game, Phil Mickelson, putting, Jack Nicklaus and my long game !

Backstage :

If you were an animal ?
A Guepard

If you were a book or a movie ?
La peste, d’Albert Camus

3 favorite artists (actor, actress, singer….) ?
Coluche, Louis de Funès, Bourvil

If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, real or fictive :
Albert Einstein, Yves Montand, Maryline Monroe.

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