10th November 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

A few words with our superintendant


Giovanni Broglio is the owner of BROGLIO GREEN company, specialized in golf courses preparation and maintenance. With its 41 employees and more than 100 mowers and devices, the company is in charge of three golf clubs in Italy: Milano, Feudo di Asti and Parma. Giovanni Broglio is also our consultant.

We met him this morning on the 18th green of Toscana GC. He came here several times and at Punta Ala as well since beginning of September to help both courses to upgrade their preparation to higher standard level. Giovanni Broglio said: “the course were already good but They needed additional works to host a professional tournament. I have had very good cooperation with greenkeeper, I suggested him to verticut and topdress the greens, particularly narrow the greens. I came here with my assistant Daniele and two mowers and one roller. Despite the heavy rains of last days, we managed to cut all areas and offer the players a course in the best possible conditions for the season. With the sun and warm temperature, the course will be better every day.”

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