24th April 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

WeForest supported by the Alps Tour

The Alps Tour sponsor of WeForest

The Alps Tour sponsor of WeForest

Alps Tour is very proud to announce its partnership with WeForest. Created in Belgium by Bill Lao and Marie-Noëlle Keijzer in 2010, WeForest is an international non-profit association with following mission: create and promote a pioneer movement in large scale sustainable reforestation. It is running several projects in Asia, Africa and South America to cool the planet thanks to planting trees.

Research suggests that adding 20 million km2 of forest could create an additional 2% cloud coverage over the entire planet, buying us time on global warming.

Alps Tour players file a statistic card after each round. Since the beginning of the season, each card represents a tree offered to WeForest. The players have chosen to be part of the project in Brazil which is a nice link as well with Rio 2016, when golf will go back to the Olympics for the first time since 1900 in Paris.

The goal for 2015 is to plant 4000 trees thanks to players’ statistic cards.

WeForest is ambitious in Brazil and aims to connect isolated and often small forest patches to the remaining protected areas in the Pontal do Paranapanema region in the Western São Paulo State. The goal is to connect the Morro do Diablo State Park to the Iguaçu National Park, two core areas of the Upper Paraná Atlantic Rainforest Biodiversity Vision.

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