16th February 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

History repeats itself for Delpodio


Italian Matteo Delpodio, 26 year old, won his fourth victory of his career, all grabbed on the Alps Tour. He shot 69 and did confirm that he was the best player of the winter series. He finished second last week but the Open Samanah was his. France’s rookie Sébastien Gros finally climbed on his first podium of his short professional career. At third place tie, England’s Gareth Shaw, Spain’s Jesus Legarrea and France’s Jérôme Lando-Casanova.

A group of three players were co-leaders at -4 as they turn first nine : Matteo Delpodio, Sebastien Gros and Jérôme Lando-Casanova. But the tricky course of Samanah hurt Frenchmen on back nine. Lando-Casanova dropped one shot on the 13th par 4 and Gros’ ball found the water on the 16th. Meanwhile nobody came back to worry 2010 Alps Tour winner Delpodio. He holed a birdy on the 16th par 5 and had a-2-stroke-advantage with one hole to play.

As you dropped a shot on the 18th hole on the first 2 rounds, what were you thinking teeing off :

“I staid in the same feeling as last week. Even more because this course is driving you crazy and it is so difficult to make birdy. I did not hole putt on first round and the key was to stay patient again and again. I had no idea about the leaderboard on the last hole. I did not know I were leading or not and honestly I made a bogey but with great shots. I hit the driver and the bunker was at 280 meters. I never though I could get it. Then I hit a great shot to recover but stay a bit short. I hat a 15 meters put and with all these slopes I needed 3 putts.”

Are you looking forward to start the season on Challenge Tour after these 2 great weeks ?

” For the moment, I enjoy my win. It is so difficult to come back on my circuit, I mean the one I won 2 years ago. I wanted to do well and everybody were expecting me to be on top of the leaderboard. I am very happy and I want to keep the feeling in mind. I want to say to young players that it is a great experience to play on the Alps Tour.”

Sébastien, you did better than last week…

“Frankly, I have just finished my round so for the moment I am thinking of the two par 5 I did not play well. But yes I am satisfied and I am happy. I learnt so many things during these past weeks. But still, I lost my ball after push slice on the 5th hole and I found the water on the 16th thanks to awful second shot but I want to remember my eagle : 3 great shot. Perfect drive, then 195 meters to the flag. I hit 5 iron 8 meters short and I holed the put. As my ball got out of the putter I knew it was going in…”

The two overnight leaders were taught a lesson the hard way. Neither Jack Senior nor Alessandro Grammatica kept their nerves during last 18 holes. They have never been in contention to win and signed for scores way over par.

By Agathe Séron

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